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New Zealand lies in the South Pacific Ocean. It is made up of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island -- as well as a number of other smaller islands, with a total land area of 270 500 square kilometers.

New Zealand is a multicultural society with a population of approximately 3.8 million of which 75live in the North Island, and about 1 million people in Auckland, New Zealand’s commercial capital. The society reflects many years of migration. Most New Zealander’s are of British descent with others from European cultures as well as people from the islands throughout the Pacific. Chinese and Indians also make up a large portion of New Zealand’s population. The largest Non-European group of people in New Zealand is the Indigenous Maori who were New Zealand’s first settlers. Their art, culture and traditions are an important part of New Zealand’s heritage.

New Zealand seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, with January and February being the warmest months. Maximum temperatures range from 20 to 26 degrees in summer and 10 to 15 degrees in winter. The average annual rainfall varies from 300 millimeters in Central Otago (South Island) to 13 000 millimeters in the Southern Alps.

Wherever you go in New Zealand you are guaranteed variety in terms of landscape, culture, adventure and opportunities. New Zealand is a great country for sport and leisure offering limitless possibilities whether it is exploring the outdoors or taking up team sports such as rugby or netball.

New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy and the Head of State is Her Majesty the Queen. It is a democratic country with a parliamentary system of government; parliamentary representatives are usually elected every three years through a proportional electoral system.

With no exchange controls, no import licensing, and minimum controls on foreign investment, New Zealand is seen as having one of the most open economies in the world. It is a free country to do business in and the New Zealand government recognizes the importance of foreign investment. You will find that New Zealand has a market oriented economy; it is highly technologically aware and politically stable.

New Zealand also provides a free comprehensive, high quality education system with a wide range of learning options. The health care system is also largely government funded allowing residents to receive subsidized health and disability services.

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